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Our Logo is Blue. Our Mission is Green.

Kaiserman Company’s commitment to the meaningful growth and progress of our tenants, and our company, is rooted in an investment in our planet. As a multigenerational family business, we recognize how the business and moral cases for environmental stewardship are intertwined: We are long-term owners with long-term tenants and residents, so planning for the future is in our DNA. We strive to own, operate, and manage the most carbon-responsible properties possible, and we are proud to serve as a model for green-building operations.

We are active members of the Sustainable Business Network, Green Buildings United, and the Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance. We also support other local organizations that work toward our shared vision of sustainable communities. Check out some of our latest sustainable highlights in our Green Building Policies, as well as one of our case study Green Tenants, Barclay Cleaners at Barclay Farms Shopping Center.

We believe in doing well, by doing good

Sustainability is not just an ideal, but is put into practice at Kaiserman Company. By consistently refreshing our knowledge about the latest technologies, practices, and regulations in the greening movement, we remain on the cutting edge of sustainability. We strive to optimize how such practices dovetail with tenant satisfaction and positive financial performance.


We have spent more than $6 million in the past six years on projects including smart-lighting retrofits, extensive metering and ongoing commissioning, combined heat & power infrastructure, energy-conscious elevator overhauls, water-saving plumbing strategies, revolutionary window systems, and on-site solar photovoltaic installations, among other green operating tactics.

In The Past 6 Years, Our Green Strategies Have Shown The Following Annual Successes:

Graph showing a savings of 476,721 kilowatt hours of electricity generation in 2014
Graph showing a savings of 289,710 kilowatt hours of electricity per year
Graph showing a savings of 1,404 pounds of paper and 12,105 gallons of water as a result of in-house paper and water usage reduction in offices
476,721 kWh
A savings of 476,721 kWh of electricity generation in 2014 as a result of rooftop solar arrays across three properties: The Bourse Building, Kevon Office Center, and Kevon Office Center II.

Equivalent to Annual CO2 Emissions

Passenger Cars

Tons of Landfilled Waste

Gallons of Gasoline

Equivalent to Carbon Offset Sequestered


Acres of US Forest

289,710 kWh
A savings of 289,710 kWh of electricity per year as a result of lighting retrofits at five properties: Olde Sproul, Radwyn, Meetinghouse, Barclay Farms, and Kevon Office Center

Equivalent to Annual CO2 Emissions

Bottles of Propane

Gallons of Gasoline

Homes Using Electricity in One Year

Equivalent to Carbon Offset Sequestered By


Acres of US Forest

1,404 Pounds of Paper
12,105 Gallons of Water
A savings of 1,404 pounds of paper and 12,105 gallons of water as a result of in-house copy paper and water usage reduction efforts in our office operations.

Equivalent to

Barrels of Oil

Tons of CO2

Gallons of Gasoline

Equivalent to Carbon Offset Sequestered

Acres of US Forest

Most of our sustainability measures see an immediate and consistent annual return on investment, generating pure savings for both our carbon footprint and our bottom line.

A History of Forward-Thinking

Truly diligent and long-term responsible ownership and management means keeping up with the most effective technologies and practices, not just the latest regulations. Many businesses, as well as local governments, are beginning to track and report building energy efficiency; in fact, they’re requiring it. That’s why we track the energy performance of our entire commercial portfolio via ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Management tool, ensuring compliance with Philadelphia’s new disclosure ordinance and, more importantly, smart energy-management principles. By upgrading the energy efficiency of our portfolio through site-specific targeted strategies, several Kaiserman properties have proven to be among the top 10 percent of energy-efficient buildings of their class in the nation.

At Kaiserman, We Are Fully Committed To The Following:

Using the most environmentally sensitive, non-toxic products in our cleaning practices.
Streamlining our operating costs to lower the shared operating expenses for our tenants.
Reducing our carbon footprint.
Continually monitoring and reducing our water and energy use, because you can’t manage what you don’t measure.
Energy Star Logo

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