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Who We Are

Kaiserman Company has been actively developing and managing real estate in Philadelphia, and across the Delaware Valley, since the 1920s. A third-generation family business, Kaiserman has a strong and demonstrated commitment to the well-being of our tenants, employees and community. For over 90 years, Kaiserman has focused intensely on refining our culture of service through the vigorous renovation of our physical spaces and mechanical systems. We recognize that the greenest buildings are those that are already built; this suits us, as we are adept at maximizing the value of older buildings (many of which we built). Our intensive energy-efficiency upgrade program — in concert with the embodied energy inherent in buildings for which the major construction resources were harvested decades ago — drives our investment strategy.
Kevy Kaiserman speaking with 2 coworkers
Kaiserman employees posing for a photo at a gala event
Members of Kaiserman Company looking over blueprints
Vintage photo of original Kaiserman Company property
Experienced in the responsibilities of both day-to-day management and generation-to-generation stewardship, Kaiserman Company exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit that animated our beginnings and the conservative, principled diligence that has guided us since. These polestars guide us in our daily work, and are encapsulated by The Kaiserman Way – our pledge and manifesto – which is posted in every office and at every property we operate.

The Kaiserman Way

The Kaiserman Way is a set of core beliefs and guiding principles to motivate and align us all, every day, to excel. Every decision we make and every action we take should reflect these beliefs to the best of our ability.