Mission, Vision, Values


At Kaiserman Company, we strive to own, operate and manage the most carbon-responsible properties possible, yielding the greatest value for owners, tenants, and investors, while maintaining safe, comfortable, and innovative places to live and work. We aim to provide best-in-class service, attract a skilled and ambitious workforce, and serve as a model for green operations, positive tenant relations, and efficient management. We believe, as the world grows more impersonal, that there is no greater promise we can make than ‘When You’re with Kaiserman, You’re with Family.’

Father and grandfather at children's birthday party
3 Men discussing building architecture


To be the Industry Standard for Successful Green Real Estate Practice.

Core Value

Stewardship. We care for – and rigorously tend to – the wellbeing and growth of our employees, our tenants, our business, our buildings, our communities and our planet.