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Commercial Resource Information

At Kaiserman, we know that we are experiencing unprecedented times throughout our Global community.  Many of you may have been recently furloughed from your job or may have lost a source of income.  If you are experiencing fear or anxiety over the uncertainty of the current situation, you are not alone. 

The good news is that there are so many companies and organizations out there offering help in these difficult times.  We put together a list of some ideas you may want to look further into, that may help ease a little of the burden and anxiety regarding personal finances.

Car Lenders

offering payment deferrals for up to 3 months

Ally Financial
Bank of America
BMW Financial Services
Capital One Auto Finance
Carmax Auto Finance
Chase Auto
Chrysler Capital
Ford Motor Credit
GM Financial
Honda Financial Services
Hyundai Finance
Kia Motor Finance
Lexus Financial Services
Mercedes-Benz Financial
Nissan Motor Acceptance
Santander Consumer USA
Toyota Financial Services
Wells Fargo Bank

Insurance Providers

Progressive Insurance: Offering a 20% discount for April and May, 2020

Geico: Offering a 15% discount for policies from 4/7/2020 to 10/7/2020

Legal Disclaimer

The information is meant to be a helpful resource to our tenants but is not meant to be all-inclusive and other programs may be available. Landlord is not responsible for updating information in real time and is not providing legal advice to tenants by publishing this information. If a tenant uses this resource, the tenant is responsible for determining if programs are applicable to its business, the tenant assumes responsibility for the use of these programs and tenant releases Kaiserman from any liability related to its use of the information.